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Song da consulting joint - stock company

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Brief history of SDCC JSC

The predecessor of company was Song Da Center of Engineering (established in 1975), has been renamed many times in order to fit its functions. In 2001, Song Da Construction Consulting Company was established, unifying its members of: the Automation Design Company (CODEMA), Northern Testing Center, Southern Testing Center, The Department of Supervising and Quality Controlling, The Department of Projects and Tender Affairs, and the Consulting, Investigation and Design company. At the end of the year 2004, Song Da Construction Consulting Company was equitized, and renamed to Song Da Consulting Joint-stock company. For over, thirty years since its establishment, the company has accumulated great experience on many areas of construction consulting, recruited more than 500 engineers with bachelor degree or higher.

The company built up and applied Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, in 2000, it was granted the ISO in June 2002.
The Song Da Consulting Joint-stock company have receive many Certificates of merit, medals by the Government, the Ministry of Construction and authority of Hano, owing to the effort of the company’s staff. 
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